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This is an interesting take on a tabacco issue that turns to the core issues with HEMP.  Ron Paul is an avid hemp supporter and a very well spoken individual.

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Moving towards tobacco prohibition

by Ron Paul

Last week, another bill was passed and signed into law that takes more of our freedoms and violates the Constitution of the United States.  It was, of course, done for the sake of the children, and in the name of the health of the citizenry.  It's always the case that when your liberty is seized, it is seized for your own good.  Such is the condescension of Washington.

The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act will give sweeping new powers over tobacco to the FDA.  It will require everyone engaged in manufacturing, preparing, compounding, or processing tobacco to register with the FDA and be subjected to FDA inspections, which is yet another violation of the Fourth Amendment.  It violates the First Amendment by allowing the FDA to restrict tobacco advertising in multiple ways, as well as an outright ban on advertising any cigarettes as light, mild or low-tar.  The FDA will have the power of pre-market reviews of all new tobacco products, and will impose new user fees, meaning taxes, on manufacturers and importers of tobacco products.  It will even regulate the amount of nicotine in cigarettes.

My objections to the bill are not an endorsement of tobacco.  As a physician I understand the adverse health effects of this bad habit.  And that is exactly how smoking should be treated - as a bad habit and a personal choice.  The way to combat poor choices is through education and information.  Other than ensuring that tobacco companies do not engage in force or fraud to market their products, the federal government needs to stay out of the health habits of free people.  Regulations for children should be at the state level.  Unfortunately, government is using its already overly intrusive financial and regulatory roles in healthcare to establish a justifiable interest in intervening in your personal lifestyle choices as well.  We all need to anticipate the level of health freedom that will remain once government manages all health care in this country.

Actions in Congress such as this tobacco bill are especially disconcerting after we thought we were beginning to see some progress in drawing down the wrong-headed and failed war on drugs.  A majority of Americans now think marijuana should be legal, taxed and regulated, according to a recent Zogby poll and over 70 percent are in favor of allowing medicinal use of marijuana.  Bills like this take us down exactly the wrong path.  Instead of gaining more freedom with marijuana, we are moving closer to prohibiting tobacco.  Our prisons are already bursting with non-violent drug offenders.  How long will it be before a black market in tobacco fills the prisons with non-violent cigarette smokers?

Hemp and tobacco were staple crops for our founding fathers when our country was new.  It is baffling to see how far removed from real freedom this country has become since then.  Hemp, even for industrial uses, of which there are many, is illegal to grow at all.  Now tobacco will have more layers of bureaucracy and interference piled on top of it.  In this economy it is extremely upsetting to see this additional squeeze put on an entire industry.   One has to wonder how many smaller farmers will be forced out of business because of this bill.


And just when you think people have forgotten 

CNBC article - nicely done

Us, I guess, welcome to our new project,  A place to come and share, learn and get connected to others interested in furthering industrial hemp use in the United States and world over.

News-Hemp House

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Hemp House by Catherine Deshayes

A unique energy efficient house made from hemp, designed by Archial Architects, has been unveiled at the BRE Innovation Park which showcases the future of low carbon and sustainable buildings...

The three bedroom Renewable House, which costs £75,000 to build not including ground works or utilities, uses renewable materials to deliver a well designed, yet low cost, affordable home. 

The external walls are constructed from a revolutionary sustainable material called Hemcrete, provided by manufacturer Lime Technology, made from hemp plants grown and harvested in the UK and lime based binder.

Hemp is one of the fastest growing biomasses and is often used in paper, textiles, biodegradable plastics, health food and fuel.

It is estimated The Renewable House's carbon footprint will be around 20 tonnes lower than a traditional brick and block house. The hemp absorbs around five tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during its rapid growth period, which then becomes locked into the fabric of the building, making the thermal Hemp-Line walling solution 'carbon negative'.

The Renewable House meets level 4 of the Government's Code for Sustainable Homes - a national standard that measures the sustainability of homes against a set of design categories such as energy consumption and building materials. The Government's target was for all homes from 2016 to be built against Code Level 3 standards.

The Renewable House can be used in several configurations; detached, semi-detached and terraced, with little alteration to the basic design. Archial's modular system, which uses a timber frame and prefabricated panels that are assembled on site, reduce the time needed for onsite construction.

Archial Architects were commissioned by The Linford Group to design the energy efficient home as part of The Renewable House project that not only exceeds the Government's Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH), but also offers an ideal solution to today's affordable housing requirement.

The Renewable House is being delivered by the National Non-Food Crops Centre (NNFCC) with funding from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC). The house is being Project Managed by contractor The Linford Group who are managing the design development and construction, working with design partners Archial Architects.

Matthew Richardson, Associate at the Archial Group's Bournemouth division said, "We were delighted to have the opportunity to use our experience in sustainable design to meet the challenge set by The Linford Group. The result has delivered a highly green housing concept that exceeds the Government's home efficiency target and is both affordable and comfortable. I hope this design will become the benchmark for sustainable and affordable homes of the future."

The house's performance will be monitored over a three year period in order to establish evidence of the performance characteristics and the sustainability profile of the renewable building materials. It is anticipated the development will demonstrate that low costs and renewable building methods are compatible and together they provide a viable method of delivering sustainable, affordable homes.

The Renewable House is a unique housing project built on the BRE Innovation Park in Watford, which also exhibits other near zero-carbon demonstration properties and has attracted over 30,000 visitors so far including HRH Prince of Wales.

 Source: The Archial Group

Another fun story... Up where it is legal to grow they are making great strides in the technology surrounding industrial hemp

Original story posted here

Hemp cars? The marijuana mobile might not be far off

Calgary firm working on prototype
By David Finlayson, Edmonton Journal

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