hemp vs marijuana

What You Need To Know About Cannabis

Hemp Plants Growing

First things first, hemp versus marijuana. Its not a competition they are both part of the cannabis family. The main difference is hemp’s lack of the psycho-active compound tetrahydrocannabinol ,or THC. Hemp is grown for industrial purposes such as fiber, food, and fuel. This is the reason hemp is more widely legalized.

Marijuana contains the psycho-active compound THC. Marijuana is widely used for medical and recreational use. Some medical uses include depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

Both of these have many benefits to society when put into the proper use, and as evidence shows these substances have many things in contrast. However this didn’t stop politicians from confusing the two. The only way to combat the ignorance of others is to educate ourselves. Another great website to do this is https://www.hemp.com/ they are a fantastic website that I visit frequently and strongly suggest for any of you.

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